A photograph is worth a hell of a lot more than a thousand words…

Skimming the Shadows

shadowsI just love the way the light skims across her.

I shot this with a DSLR, the original aspect ratio was the traditional 2:3. Donna’s form (Donna is the model) filed the whole frame. I really liked the way the light played off of her body, but I wasn’t entirely convinced that this was the perfect shot. So in post production (photoshop) I created a new square canvas (I was on a 120 film kick at the time and had been playing with a Hasselblad knock off) that was as wide as the original photograph and filled it with black to match the negative shadows in the photograph, and dropped the photo into the new canvas. The extra negative space really adds to the feeling of loneliness.

I am quite pleased with the way this one panned out.

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