A photograph is worth a hell of a lot more than a thousand words…

Yes, I do love children…

…I just don’t love other people’s children.

I don’t usually do child portraits. Kids are either terrified of me to the point of soiling themselves, or they absolutely love me. There is no middle ground and it is usually the former rather than the later.

With this in mind, if I accept work requiring me to photograph a child, I tend to get picky about it. The kid has to be completely adorable, and either very well behaved, or dosed with Valium. 

While Kayla is cute as a button, she is a little pistol and full of piss and vinegar. I made an exception because her mom is cool.kayla2

One response

  1. alexandraphotography

    Love your photos.

    June 4, 2009 at 10:54 pm

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