A photograph is worth a hell of a lot more than a thousand words…

My teddy bear can kick your teddy bear’s ass.

bearsI took a studio lighting class last fall, and this is from one of the lighting assignments.

The assignment was ‘product photography lighting.’ We were tasked with lighting a small object or figurine on a light table. Those of us who were shooting with digital cameras were not permited to use photoshop to retouch the photos at all. The only edits allowed were minor croping and resizing.

The lighting set up was pretty easy. I used one boom light with a soft box overhead and slightly behind, with the boom angled toward the bears. The angle of the boom caused a light fall off on the infinity table providing the gradation from the bottom of the image to the top.

Getting the bears to stay put was another task altogether. They kept falling over, or slumping. I ended up bending a pair of metal coat hanger and stuffing it up the back of the uniform jacket of the left bear. The right bear is proped up against another hanger.

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