A photograph is worth a hell of a lot more than a thousand words…

Alternative Process Wedding

img014lores2Have I mentioned how much I love film?

Weddings aren’t my favorite thing to shoot, but hey, it puts food on the table, and most of the time, they are actually fun to shoot. They aren’t my favorite thing to shoot because you roll the dice each time you do and pray you don’t end up with Bridzilla.

Anyway…no Bridzilla for this shot. One of the things that makes me unique (at least around here anyway) is that, on request, I’ll shoot film for bridal portraits. No, shooting film isn’t special, but shooting large format film is.

This photograph is a copystand reproduction of one of the portraits that was commissioned during this wedding. The bride liked the look of the lith printing process, so here it is.

She was a little slow in placing her print order after the wedding (like 9 months slow) and I had made the lith print right after their wedding in anticipation of their order. So this print was riding in my portfolio binder for 9 months. Everyone to whom it was shown fell in love with the print, so when the bride finally placed her order, I was very nearly tempted to refund to her the price for the print and just keep the lith…

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