A photograph is worth a hell of a lot more than a thousand words…

Brother, can you spare a dime…

panhandleloresWe’ve all had our highs and lows. I’m far from being a social democrat, and I don’t believe in government handouts, but I do believe in charity. Human beings have an incredible cpacity for kindness and compassion, but we also have the same capacity for apathy, cruelty, and indifference. I am not simly talking about economics, but at this point in history, it certainly does take center stage. I am speaking about all aspects of human existance.

Think about the low points in your life. Most of us pride ourselves on self reliance and pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps, but from time to time, we need to rely on others for strength, or simply a hand up.

Now think about the high points in your life. Often times we get so wrapped up in our own little worlds and our own little lives that we simply can’t be bothered with the troubles of others. We don’t want to see it because it reminds us of where we once were, or where we could be again. Reality can be ugly from time to time.

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  1. This picture has great resolution. Looks very “guilty drug dealer” to me though, but thats not a bad thing. Indeed, any capitalist will tell you that privately derived charity is better than forced governmental handouts. I think that the high points of ones life can also be the darkest in retrospect, when you sank down the most. Maybe it brings on “noble” feelings, to be in that high position, but it doesn’t make you a good person. That’s another beast entirely and takes more work to be that person the higher you go.

    July 1, 2009 at 5:17 pm

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