A photograph is worth a hell of a lot more than a thousand words…

Bike Nite

Monday night is Bike Nite at Gary Fields’ comedy club (wich is more of a bar when their isn’t a hack comedian telling yarns inside). The patio is covered with chaps wearing leather chaps and bikers of all sorts. There is usually a band on the stage outside as well.

This evening I was on my nightly walk and was actually headed to the Griffen (tonight is 50 cent taco night) for dinner, but wandered across the street for buffalo wings and a beer instead. I came away with a few decent motorcycle shots as well.

I’m such a wannabe. My father was a biker, but I never learned to ride. If I had the extra scratch, I’d buy a bike and learn to ride, but at this point, it would just scream mid life crisis.

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