A photograph is worth a hell of a lot more than a thousand words…

King of the Forest

So…Gary Fields’ Comedy Club is right down the street from my house, 3 blocks due south.

During the summer months, they have a bike night on Mondays (I’ve posted photos from that in the recent past) and local bands play on Thursday nights. There is usually a band on Monday nights as well. The noise travels right up the hill and right into my living room. The stage and my living room window face each other and the sound travels very well.

Most of the time I forget when and who is playing until I hear th music while I am sitting @ my computer.  If they sound good, I’ll walk down the hill and get a better seat for listening. King of the Forest came through loud and clear last night, and frankly I could have stayed home and listened just fine.

I took my camera with me, but tripods are useless when photographing people in low light unless you can talk them into standing still, so I was an ISO pushing fool. Nearly everything I shot was at 1600 ISO, and I was using an f/2.8 70-200mm lens and an f/2.5 lens for the most part. I did grab a couple shots with my f/3.5 18mm lens, but foolishly I left the f/1.8 50mm lens at home. I would have come in handy. Even with those fast lenses and high ISO, I was still seeing relativly slow shutter speeds

I was pleased with the noise level, however. I was expecting a lot more color noise than I got. My little Rebel XTi did a pretty good job. I did filter one photo for noise, but the rest were left as is.

I fired off more than 300 images, and trashed over 100 in camera because of motion blur or camera shake. The upside is that I had a wide lot of images to sort through…the downside is that I had a wide lot of images to sort through. My biggest hurdle is whittling away the chaff to get to the wheat. I got it down to 30 images after an hour of sorting. Now I have to get it down to one, to post here. It ain’t fair, I tell ya.

Piss on it, I’ll post four.

This young lady had the most energy of anyone on the stage (and she was in the best light) so I got more photos of her than of anyone else.

One response

  1. bkkphotographer

    I like those shots. I can almost hear the music.

    I had some success shooting at a concert in Bangkok a while ago using flash sync’ed at 1/250 second. The venue was outdoors, well lit and a big space so no one objected to the flash. I’ll have to look out the best pictures and post them now you’ve reminded me.

    August 10, 2009 at 1:39 pm

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