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Got me a new model.

_MG_0439loresMeet Shanna Banana.

Asking someone to pose for your camera can be about as nerve racking as asking someone for a date. Funny thing is, I never back down from asking someone to sit for me…humph, go figure.

Shanna is brand new to my portfolio, as of yesterday, as a matter of fact. I was skulking about on MySpace (oh shut up, you probably have an account, too), when I found her profile.  I found her to be rather pretty and full of spunk and attitude.  I like those qualities in my models. It translates well in photographs. I suppose it is the faceless anonimity of the internet that makes it easy to approach strangers. I told her she was beautiful, and that I would love to photograph her. We traded a few emails, and voila..2Gb of photographs.

It was a good session, and we both had fun. Odds are, you will see more of Shanna.



I’ve photographed plenty of attractive faces, but Margaret is a Beautiful Person.

She’s Back!

_MG_9818loresMargaret vanished on me. I haven’t photographed her in several months. I think the last time I photographed her was last December or January. She had spent a better part of the summer in the Philippines visiting family.

Well she returned a couple weeks ago, and reached out to me for a new set of photographs for a job she is pursuing. Yay for me.

…and she came back with straight hair. I loved her curls, but the straight hair kicks ass too.