A photograph is worth a hell of a lot more than a thousand words…

About the artist…

newself1Efergoh? What the hell is an efergoh?

Efergoh is just my name spelled backward. Just as confounding and difficult to pronounce either way.  If you prefer, feel free to call me Tony.

I am currently a student of photography. I attend Kellogg Community College (or Cornflake University for us locals). In the fall (or perhaps the spring, I haven’t decided yet) I will transfer to Kendall College of Art & Design. Prior to being a full time student, I was in the United States Marine Corps for 10 years. It was during service in Iraq that I was put out to pasture.

I hate specialization. Most photographers I know zero in on one type of photography, and while they do it well, I think they are missing out on everything else that photography has to offer.

This line of thinking explains why the content of this blog is seemily random. I prefer to dabble in as many different types of photography that I can. I may excel in certain areas and need work in others, but I approach everything with equal enthusiasm.

Edit June 1, 2010. I am no longer attending school studying photography, however, I will always be a student of photography. Last December, I moved from Battle Creek to Alanson (‘about 8 miles north of Petoskey), Michigan (my childhood stomping grounds). I have opened a studio in my home town and am now working full time as a photographer.


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