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I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Kristen about a month(ish) ago. I say pleasure because it really is an absolute joy to photograph someone who really enjoys being photographed. As a portrait photographer it is not uncommon to have a family come in at the insistence of one party (usually mom) or another and have the rest of the family come along begrudgingly. It doesn’t automatically mean that the photographs will be piss poor, but it does present its own set of challenges.

There was nothing begrudging about my set with Kristen. She was excited and happy to do it, and that is nearly a guarantee of non piss poor photographs. She is a photographer herself, and I am sure that lent itself to the success of the shoot at least in some measure. Her charming personality and striking good looks were also considerable factors..

She told me she isn’t fond of her profile, but personally, I love it. She has strong features and emotive expressions. The photos I have of her in profile are among my favorites of the set.

I love the multiple ear piercings. In general, I like piercings on women, so long as it doesn’t look as though they fell face first into a tackle box.
I also love the colors in her necklace and they way it draws attention to her neckline.

I have no Earthly idea what this tattoo is supposed to be…kinda looks like the side view of a butterfly, but I like the lines of it, and, at least for me, adds to her sex appeal. It is a bold and courageous location for a woman to be ink’d.



I admit it, I’m a sucker for pretty faces and wet hair. This was the last photograph from the set, and ended up being my favorite. There were others that are “sexier,” but this one is sensual without giving anything away. It has “that look.” I think that expression alone can make or break a portrait…this one certainly is not broken.

Much needed update

Wow, it has been well over two months since my last update….told you I was a slacker!

But, I do have a moderately reasonable excuse.

I’ve been busy. Which, for a shutter bug making a living with his camera, is a good thing.  Business is up, and I am working through my final semester of college. I am gear up to relocate my business as well as myself 300 miles to the north. I’ll be back in my old stomping grounds and within ear shot of my son.

Now, enough about my personal crap, and on to the photos. This is Lyndsey & her boyfriend, Whatshisface. She came to me for maternity portraits, and the timing was perfect. She had the best baby belly I could wish for, and is quite pretty to boot. Whatshisface made a decent prop for the photos of her.


I’ve photographed plenty of attractive faces, but Margaret is a Beautiful Person.

She’s Back!

_MG_9818loresMargaret vanished on me. I haven’t photographed her in several months. I think the last time I photographed her was last December or January. She had spent a better part of the summer in the Philippines visiting family.

Well she returned a couple weeks ago, and reached out to me for a new set of photographs for a job she is pursuing. Yay for me.

…and she came back with straight hair. I loved her curls, but the straight hair kicks ass too.