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On Huron

The daughter of my close friends Brian & Kenda plays softball, and found her way onto the All Star team. Unfortunately they did not win, but they had a damned good run. The team to which they finally lost didn’t really have a team, just a ringer of a pitcher. Their games were played in Rogers City on Lake Huron. This shot was taken about 100yds east of the ball fields. Perfect weather day for landscapes I think….

As always, click the image for a larger view.


Great Lakes Sunrise

sunriselkhuronThis photo was an accident, actually. I had three cameras set up on a beach in Cheboygan, Michigan. I opened the shutter for my DSLR and walked away to tend to the 8×10 that was set up next to it. I was struggling with the Deerdorf and forgot all about the DSLR until about 45 seconds after the sun breeched the horizon. 

This is how it came out of the camera. No retouches on this version…