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On Huron

The daughter of my close friends Brian & Kenda plays softball, and found her way onto the All Star team. Unfortunately they did not win, but they had a damned good run. The team to which they finally lost didn’t really have a team, just a ringer of a pitcher. Their games were played in Rogers City on Lake Huron. This shot was taken about 100yds east of the ball fields. Perfect weather day for landscapes I think….

As always, click the image for a larger view.


Moments before sunrise…

I didn’t get much sleep at all on my hiking trip to North Manitou Island. My tent mate spent most of the night tossing and turning…and hogging up most of the room in the hooch leaving me with my face pressed up against the wall. The upside is that I was usually awake well before sunrise.

This shot was about 15 minutes before sunup. To the naked eye, it was still pretty dark, and only a sliver of light was visible on the horizon. The exposure was a little over 7 minutes at f/22

Nuke Plant.

nukeHere is a better shot of the nuke plant. I stopped on the side of the road to get this one. This is in Ohio on the way to Port Clinton from Battle Creek.  I wish the house on the right side of the frame came out a little brighter, it gets lost in the trees and fouls up the juxtaposition….the whole point of phootographing a nuke plant in a residential/agricultural area.

Not in my backyard…

I shot this one from a moving car so the quality isn’t what I would prefer, but I thought it was pretty interesting.

I can’t imagine that real estate prices in this neighborhood would be terribly high…what with a nuke plant literally in the backyard.

On the rocks

I’m not sure why, but I love the way water behaves in long exposure photographs.

This one was around 5 minutes. I’m wishing I had a flashlight with me to put a bit more detail on the rocks along the shoreline, but the deep shadows work, too.

Over the edge

parking_garage_loresBelieve it or not this is a 45 second shot that was hand held…sort of.

I couldn’t get the shot I wanted from this vantage point with the tripod on the ground (well the top of the parking garage) because the ledge was too wide. So I laid the tripod on its side across the top of the ledge and dangled the camera over the side of the building, and laid my body across the tripod to keep it still during the exposure. I wasn’t able to look through the view finder, so I focused on infinity and repeated the process a few times til I got a shot that I liked well enough to call it a success.

Desert of Maine

mainefilm03Yup, there is a desert in Maine….look it up.