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Play Ball!

Just a sampling of student athletes…



A friend of mine from high school is visiting Northern Michigan during the Independence Day holiday. She lives in Atlanta and doesn’t find her way up here very often, and this was to be her two year old son’s first venture this far north. Ami (my high school friend) hired me to more or less document the trip. I’m not quite done shooting yet, but this photograph is the creme of crop thus far…at least to my mind.

Ami & her husband Eric asked me to join them in Harbor Springs and shoot some photographs along the waterfront. This one was taken on one of the piers directly behind the Pointer Room (hoighty toighty fine dinning. Well worth the bucks, just make sure you bring enough of them). They walked up and down the pier enjoying the scenery whilst I created photographs. Bennett, being just two years of age, has yet to grasp the notion of private property, and was pretty insistent that he be permitted to board each vessel moored. Much to his chagrin, no acts of piracy took place.

Great Lakes Sunrise

sunriselkhuronThis photo was an accident, actually. I had three cameras set up on a beach in Cheboygan, Michigan. I opened the shutter for my DSLR and walked away to tend to the 8×10 that was set up next to it. I was struggling with the Deerdorf and forgot all about the DSLR until about 45 seconds after the sun breeched the horizon. 

This is how it came out of the camera. No retouches on this version…