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Tattoo’d girls…

I do have a pretty serious weakness for girls with tattoos. Cheri’s back is very nearly entirely covered, and it is lovely. She is well toned and quite fit too, and that lends an additional charm to her ink.

The second photo of this series (the selective color shot) presented a bit of a problem for me as the tag of her jean was sticking out and I did not catch it during the shoot. The tag covered the turtle’s left foot and a portion of the tribal design to it’s left. The artist that created her tattoo is just that; an artist. The work is nearly perfectly symmetrical. I was able to simply copy the right foot and tribal, invert it, and paste it over the portion covered by the tag, and then made very few minor adjustments. The ease with which I was able to cover the pants tag is a testament to the tattoo artist’s skill.



I admit it, I’m a sucker for pretty faces and wet hair. This was the last photograph from the set, and ended up being my favorite. There were others that are “sexier,” but this one is sensual without giving anything away. It has “that look.” I think that expression alone can make or break a portrait…this one certainly is not broken.

Lost & Found

I like this image mostly because of the heavy shadow on her face conceals her identity. She could be any woman…or all of them. I enjoy the mystery of the image, even though I know full well who it is (I was there, after all).

I was deleting old files this afternoon when I came across this one. I can’t say that I forgot I had shot it, If I see a photograph of mine, I immediately recall most of the particulars of the set, but I had not given much though to these images in more than a year and a half. I didn’t do much with them at the time I created them as I had become distracted with other projects and classwork.


caitnudeloresAnother one from way back. This is from one of my first nude photo shoots. Cait was a classmate at the time, she was in Intro to Photography while I was in Intermediate.  I burned a lot of 120 film that night. The shoot began around 5 in the afternoon and lasted til 3am.

If my house were buring, the negative for this photograph would be one of the items I grabed on my way out the door.