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Under the gun…

_MG_6590loresMy friend Steve ownes and oprates a firearms training school (Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute) I’ve taken a few of his classes and found them to be worth while. The link provided is worth a click.

Steve is a retired Sheriff’s Deputy from Wayne County Michigan, and generally knows his poop. He is a large individual with all of the graces and subtlety of a 400 pound ballerina, and has about as much tact as a 3 year old, but there are few people on the face of the planet that can out shoot him.

He is pictured here bird dogging one of his students.



michelles-signedI’d rather shoot portraits than anything else.

Ironic considering I don’t care for people much….


_MG_2929bwWhen I have nothing else to photograph, I photograph myself.

…suppose I could have dragged a razor across my face first, though, huh?

Desert of Maine

mainefilm03Yup, there is a desert in Maine….look it up.

The happy accordion.

musicbwShot this one during the World’s Longest Breakfast Table in Battle Creek this past Saturday.

Once a year, the city closes down main street, and a tables are lined up end to end all through down town (about a mile long), and Kellogg’s and Post cereal companies buys the whole city breakfast. Event lasts about 4 hours. There are musicians up and down the street, as well as different cereal characters like Tony the Tiger, Sugar Bear, Snap, Cackle, and Pop (though this year, I only saw Snap)

This gentleman was one of the street musicians. His vest and accordion were a god awful orange that just didn’t translate very well in the original photograph. But I figured everything looks better in Black & White, and everything B&W looks better with a tad of contrast.

She is just so….


Quite possibly the most graceful creature I’ve ever encountered.


ash3printloresThis is the second (actually the first) photograph of the diptych I submitted to the West Michigan Art Exhibit…the one that was not accepted.